GDPR Software

Features and Benefits of GDPR Manager

Features Benefits
6 steps No need to sit at a desk with a blank piece of paper and puzzle about where to start. The process is laid out for you to simply follow.
Wizard guide The wizard walks you through the question and answer framework
54 questions No need to read the full regulations document. We have simplified this into 54 questions within 6 sections.
34 sample documents 34 policy & procedural templates allow you to quickly and effectively create your own GDPR framework.
Autofill Not sure what information is required? Using the autofil option will give you an indication of the type of data required and get you on the path to building your own GDPR framework
Legally drafted All policies and procedures were drefted by a commercial lawyer specialising in GDPR
Answer examples Many questions have sample answers to help guide you through the process
Sample data Data samples are available to start you off and pre-populate many key areas
Online storage You can upload and store your own documents to create one central repository of all your GDPR related documents
Context sensitive links to GDPR articles On screen visibility of the relevant GDPR article as you’re answering the question
Glossary GDPR terminology explained
Create & assign actions Set an action for yourself or create an action for a colleague to follow up. The framework will send email reminders and log the outstanding actions on the main screen
Set of register templates to record key data requests GDPR has some key data requests that are best served with an audit trail. The framework has a set of registers to assist you to achieve just that
Single click reporting Auditable reports which is evidence that you are following GDPR practices
Assessment tools These tools are designed to help you easily complete data mapping, risk assessments etc.
Ongoing notifications When you initially log in you will see a pop up screed with the latest GDPR news. You can switch these notifications on and off should you so choose.